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Slovak courses

• Rich experience in Slovak instruction for foreigners both in classic (in class) and non-standard (in the field) formats,
• Interactive instruction focused on student needs and the student’s preferred professional terminology with the goal of achieving the ability to communicate and the ability to express yourself,
• Targeted language instruction integrating specifics and language learning practices common for the given student’s home country,
• The newest materials for teaching Slovak (Slovak For You) and even richer teacher generated teaching materials.


Intensive Slovak instruction

• Intensive accommodation Slovak instruction courses in the Low Tatra Mountains at the Jasná ski centre,
• Pleasant interconnection of instruction with everyday life and nature but far away from daily obligations,
• 8 hours of Slovak instruction plus free time spent with the teacher during breakfast, lunch, dinner and trips focused on practising everyday communication in the given language.


• 2 years teaching Slovak to managers

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Slovak for foreigners
Slovak courses for foreigners
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