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Localisation is a highly specialised service where a specific product is reformulated into foreign languages; in this process maximum emphasis is placed on the needs of end users in the specific countries as well as on the specification of translations for individual languages and countries. We use localisation to adapt your product while focusing on the specifications of the given product and specific markets.

We provide the following localisation services:

Web site localisation

Complete translation of your company’s Internet presentation including placement of text into source code and graphic edits regardless of the required language or profession.

Equipment user menu localisation

• Mobile phone, on-screen television, DVD player, video recorder and AV tuner menus and more.

User guide translations and localisation

• We create a localised translation into the requested language from the source document. This output document corresponds to established standards in individual countries. We offer complete services including DTP work wherein the output is a compete product in the target language that is ready for print.
medical translations
We specialise in medical translations
Slovak for foreigners
Slovak courses for foreigners
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