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Translations to and from every world language.

Professionals from the given area complete general and professional translations without any additional fees for the professional nature of the text. For highly specialized texts, we consult directly with the client for the proper terminology.

Deadlines: to 2 000 words (cca. 8 normal pages):

  • standard deadline: 3 working days,
  • fast deadline: 2 working days,
  • express deadline: 24 hours,
  • super express deadline: within 12 hours.

For larger texts, the deadlines are increased proportionally.


  • according to the number of words in the source text,
  • a price calculation with the available deadlines can be sent immediately upon receiving the documents with the requested translation language combination,
  • flexible prices, volume discounts.

The minimum invoiced amount is 250 words.

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We specialise in medical translations
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