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Translations using the help of CAT tools

We can provide clients with translations that use the help of CAT (computer aided translation) tools; such tools are best suited for texts with repetitions. CAT tool translation methodology has become the norm within the European Union.

• Standards,
• Manuals,
• Commercial contracts,
• Auditor reports,
• Technical documentation,
• User guides,
• Accounting documents (income statements, balance sheets, financial statements),
• Etc.

Benefits of using CAT tools

• Assuring unified terminology and increased language cohesion via the use of the software’s supporting memory; the terminology used in translation a document of the same kind will be maintained even if the translation is completed by another translator,
• Time savings and increased flexibility when translating subsequent documents of the same kind,
• Cost savings when translating subsequent documents of the same kind,
• Maintenance of document graphics (font style, colour, tables, etc.)

We offer:

• The creation of a specific terminology dictionary and subsequent application of this dictionary in future translations,
• Creation of translation memory from already completed translations that will be used again and the cost for which was already paid during the first translation,
• Analysis of submitted texts that allows customers to determine the level of financial savings when compared to standard translations.
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