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 Courses according to your imagination

After intensive communication, we can create a course for you that will fulfil your needs and requirements. Apart from basic types of courses, we offer them in various forms and combinations.

We provide the following FREE OF CHARGE after ordering a course >>

Basic types of classes:

Individual instruction (one to one):

  • effective and provides maximum contact with the target language,
  • a unique level and an individually targeted course,
  • time flexibility,
  • individually selected textbooks and instruction plan,
  • crafted for the individual instructional style and student needs

Group instruction (2- 6 students):

  • group dynamics and real motivation for learning,
  • collective intercommunication among group members,
  • removal of judgement and learning from the errors of colleagues,
  • ability to mutually evaluate language expertise,
  • crafted for the individual needs of students on the basis of group needs.

Instruction for specialized languages (individual, group):

  • effective and completely targeted to your selected specialization,
  • become an expert in the specific terms and language used in your profession,
  • use authentic and exactly targeted materials in your studies.

Types of specialized language instruction for all languages:

  • courses aimed at the commercial sector (i.e. business English, business Chinese),
  • legal English,
  • courses for assistants and reception,
  • preparation for international courses/exams,
  • preparation for employment in EU countries (i.e. for the following professions: waiters, mass transport drivers, nursing care, nurses).

We prepare: intensive residency courses:

  • maximum concentration on the language and constant contact with the teacher,
  • connection with beautiful moments, outside enjoying nature, far away from everyday responsibilities,
  • effective variants for those who need the language and don’t have time,
  • mability to spend time with the teacher outside of instructional hours (evening program, breakfast, lunch and dinner together).
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