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  • Do we need to determine the optimum number of hours in order for our employees to pass through a specific language level?
    The optimum frequency for instruction is 2 x 90 minutes weekly (160 instruction hours per year). At this frequency, a student can improve by one language level during the course of one school year (10 months).
    Instruction 2 x 90 minutes/week – completion of about one language level per year
    Instruction 1 x 90 minutes/week – completion of about ½ a language level per year.
    *The information is approved by the Council of Europe and supported by the „Collective European Reference Framework for Languages. “
  • When should I choose a Slovak teacher and when a native speaker?
    For beginners, we recommend selecting instruction with a Slovak teacher. We recommend a minimum level of B1+ (mid to upper intermediate) for lessons with a native speaker.
  • What do you need to know from me (HR in charge or language instruction) so that I can better know your language school and you can prepare a made to measure course for our employees?
    Well, in order to prepare an educational plan for you and select the perfect teacher, it is enough to answer these few simple questions:
    • What language is desired (English, German, French, Norwegian, etc.)
    • What is the desired language specification (general or specialized languages – business English, legal English, etc),
    • What kind of course is desired and how many students (individually or in groups)
    • What results are expected by the employer/employees:
      • a. a higher language level,
      • b. practical skills (presenting in the language, proving advice, managing e- mail communication, etc.),
      • c. preparation for internationally recognized tests,
      • d. preparation of employees for trips abroad
      • e. improving communication skills, grammar or both,
    • What is the motivation of your employees (the language is a condition for performing the job at your place of business or language instruction is provided as a benefit, etc)
    • Who will study (employee composition, i.e. middle or upper management)
    • Where and when will they study (at your place of business, during or after working hours)   
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